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A glimpse of Bali

Once a great Javanese priest was forced to banish his dissolute son to Bali, which was joined to Java by a very narrow isthmus. The dispondent priest brought his son there and bade him to go. When the young man was lost to sight, the priest drew a line with his finger across the sands. The waters met and Bali became an island. The legend points to a truth, for Bali was, indeed, once connected to Java Island.

Geographically, Bali Island lies between Java and Lombok Island, just 80 south of the equator, which has the even and warm climate of the tropics. The strait, less than 3 kilometers wide between East Java and the western tip of Bali, reaches a depth of only 60 meters. Flanked by the Java Sea to the north and the Indonesian Ocean to the south, Bali is one of the smallest Islands in Indonesian territory, with an area of 5,620 square kilometers. A volcanic range dominates the landscape. According to Balinese mythology, the island was originally unstable. To stop it wobbling, the gods then set down upon it the mountain Mahameru, the holy mountain of Hinduism which is by the Balinese called The Great Mountain ‘Gunung Agung’.

Bali is one of the world tourist destinations, known for its natural beauty and the hospitality of its inhabitants. For decades the island has startled the world with a fascinating and vibrant culture, born in deeply rooted cults of ancient magic and fostered by the guiding rituals of a strong religion, Hindu. The island is also known by nickname ‘the island of thousand temples’ for Hindu worship places are scattered throughout the island. When driving around the island, it is difficult to look straight ahead as there is always something eye-catching along the wayside like countless temples, rustic shrines, gamelan rehearsals, markets and harvests.

The Balinese welcome the beneficial of tourism, seeking to promote an understanding of their culture heritage. Bali Option Trip present to help you to explore the virtue of Balinese art that is retain its own distinctive character. Their art has assimilated Javanese, Indian and Chinese style into an Indonesian folk art rooted in ancient magic. By witnessing the daily life of Balinese people who are extremely proud of their creative traditions, you might be able to get very unique experiences during your visit.

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Popular Destinations

Located in the central part of Indonesia, Bali is a tourism shining star that is well known around the world. Besides its natural beauty, Bali is also famous for its unique and interesting arts and cultures. Bali as a tourist destination has a lot of interesting places to see. Here are the places attractions in Bali that we recommend to visit.

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Fun and Adventure activity is a popular tour among the other type of tour. Choose this tour type and you will be able to get a true Balinese experience … have fun and enjoying the beauty of nature at once !


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